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To SA Tours

My husband and I took part in the recent 14D Central Europe tour from 13th Dec to 25th Dec and we would like to strongly commend one of your tour managers, Ms Rachel Kuek.

It was my third Europe trip with SA Tours and every aspect of the trip was covered successfully. Both of us enjoyed ourselves tremendously under the professional care and guidance of Ms Rachel Kuek. She was very patient and handled all our queries well. As the bus driver was new to travelling the route that we were taking, she gave him directions and could even direct him on where to park the bus for each place we go to. She provided good information about the place, history, weather, food and shopping tips before we reached the destination. From this, it could be seen that she is a very well-travelled and experienced tour manager.

During the trip, one of the passengers fell sick and had to be sent to the hospital. She skipped her dinner and followed her in the ambulance to the hospital. She even stayed with her throughout the night and only returned back to the hotel with the passenger till the next morning at 5am. Thereafter, she was still able to lead the tour successfully the following day even though she did not sleep at all throughout the previous night.

Leading a big group of 28 passengers with different needs was not an easy job and she was very vigilant to ensure that all of us followed her closely behind. She kept stopping and turning around to make sure that all of us were accounted for.

Ms Rachel Kuek’s jokes and stories during the long bus trips kept us entertained and there was never a moment of boredom with her around. She was able to build strong rapport and relationships with the passengers of all ages and within the first few days of the trip, she was like a best friend to each and every one of us.

Ms Rachel Kuek took great care of us from the time we board the plane at Changi Airport to the time we collected our luggages at the belt during our arrival back in Singapore. She is an excellent tour manager that SA Tours can be proud of. We will not hesitate to recommend my relatives and friends to join the tours which will be led by her and also look forward to our next trip with her.

As this was our honeymoon trip, my husband and I lastly would like to thank Ms Rachel Kuek from the bottom of our hearts for leaving us with sweet memories of the trip.