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To SA Tours

I was part of the 14D Treasures of Europe tour group that departed on 20 Dec 2015. I actually just landed in Singapore early this morning, but I'd really like to take the time to compliment SA Tours for one of the greatest assets that you have, who is our group's guide Philip Chin. We did fill up a survey form, but I don't think that is sufficient to express my appreciation for him.

In comparison with the previous tour groups I've joined for Eastern Europe and East Asia, I rarely see such a dedicated guide who really looked out for all of us. More often than not, the tour guides I came across just bring us around, explain stuff, give us some reminders and then leave us with some free & easy time.

My biggest worry prior to this trip was that we might be too exhausted because we had to travel within Italy every day for the first 4-5 days. The itinerary only became more relaxed upon arrival in Switzerland. But Philip was flexible and he shifted the itinerary around so that it would be easier on all of us - for this I'd like to say a big thank you! Not every guide is this flexible and knowledgeable.

Philip is great at what he does, and I think he did an exceptionally wonderful job in making sure all of us were safe. And thanks to his constant reminders (or nagging) about pickpockets, everyone was extremely alert and no mishaps occurred during our trip. Our Trafalgar coach driver was very helpful too and thanks to him, we got around our destinations smoothly and safely.

Happy 2016! Would like to thank Philip and SA Tours once again for this enjoyable trip