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To SA Tours

I introduced myself as Mr Johnny Sim and I'm writing in to the management of SA Tours in particular to thank and commend Mr Philip Chin.

He was the Tour Leader of our group for the 11 days European Delight travel between 12-22 November 2015. Although our group did submit the survey forms which I put in a few good words for the valiant effort of Philip's. I thought it over again when i reached back home in singapore and felt that it just wasn't enough appreciation i could do for him.

Not to exaggerate things but if you look at the travel dates that we were in, it coincided with the news of the terrorist after attack in Paris. Our group were due to travel there that very morning and everyone was just ignorant of this incident until Philip broke the news to us in a calm and steady manner. I emphasize his approach as the majority of our group members are in their late 50s , 70s and 80s. Even though the news was on the TV set in the lobby of the hotel that we were in that very morning we were heading for our breakfast, no one noticed. I was informed of it by the calls of my family members in singapore in the early hours of 5am and I just had this rush to inform Philip as I thought he was ignorant but i was wrong. I dialled to his room and it was immediately answered. We spoke and he said that he was well aware of the situation and had already started planning way ahead. I have travelled with other big time tour agencies before and only in this recent few years that i took up with SA Tours, i have ever experienced the failure of travel iterinary unable to fulfill due to incidents,unsatisfactory services rendered by Tour Leader and was compensated for but not this time. I meant to say that Philip can be clueless about such a news outbreak and that we could have just gone ahead as scheduled into Paris no matter what he is just working as he's paid to do and everyone could have got stuck down along the way or halfway down and i believed no one could really blamed him for it too. I was wrong again. He took the effort in planning and discussion with us to make last minute changes in our travel iterinary so as we would still be able to see it out and not just get compensated or whatever. Even after 4 days of our smooth travel when we eventually moved into paris staying at this Alliance Hotel Porte de Saint Ouen after Philip's assurance that the situation had simmer down, another incident of shooting happened 2-3kms away. He showed and expressed great concern and safety aspect as his number 1 priority always for us and not just for our pleasure of touring. He has gone the way of being more like a family member to us than a Tour Leader. He excelled more than what he was supposed to do as a Tour Guide/Leader. I initially thought passive of all Tour Guides/Leaders due to bad encounters but not this guy Philip after seeing what he did for everyone. I must say that he is very well-informed, connected,understanding and confident with a vast experience in the travel industry. We witnessed him giving road directions to our Belgian bus captain on some occasions, this goes to show he is well-travelled in Europe. I wished those other Tour leaders from the other Tour agencies are like him. Our iterinary gone through smoothly and completed without missing out anything and no hiccups thanks to him. I hoped the higher management of SA Tours take note of this and share it around. I would be travelling again on the 8th Dec 2015 to Finland and hoped to have Philip as my Tour leader if not future trips. I'm not saying the rest of you guys are not good enough but I know I can definitely rely on him for a enjoyable trip without worries.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.