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"...indeed every day of the trip was filled with joy!"

Aw Mu Lan

8D Joy at Taiwan
11 Jul to 18 Jul 2015

"We are thankful for our experience..."

Siew Yew Khuen

14D Eastern Europe Discovery
12 Jun to 28 Jun 2015

"3rd trip with SA Tours and will continue to support SA Tours"

Jean Teo

29 Dec 2014

"Thank you for your good service..."

Jean Teo

6+1D LiJiang, Dali & Shang-rila
27 Dec 2014 to 02 Jan 2015

"We are lucky to have you as our Tour Manager!"

Lim Chong Hung & Lee Chay Huang

8D Northeastern China Snowy Christmas
23 Dec to 30 Dec 2014

"...An outstanding performance"

Koh Bee Huat

10D Xiamen/ Yongdingtulou/ Taining/ Mt. Wuyi/ Fuzhou/ Chaoshan (FZC0)
19 Dec to 29 Dec 2014

"... Timely assistance and warm hospitality"

Elaine Chew

8D Guilin / Yangshuo / Guangzhou (CGG8)
10 Dec to 18 Dec 2014

"... Cheerful, caring and patient, especially to the elderly"

Lau GL

8D Guilin / Yangshuo / Guangzhou (CGG8)
25 Nov to 03 Dec 2014

"We would gladly travel with you again!"

Light Starla

14D treasurers of Europe
20 Nov to 04 Dec 2014

"Simply pleasant and enjoyable!"

Joan Yap

14D Eastern Europe
14 Nov to 28 Nov 2014